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Operations Director

Groupe Le Bec
Class of 2016

Shanghai, China Return

NEW JOBS FOR VATELIENS: Quentin Laurent is now Operations Director for the Groupe Le Bec  in Shanghai 


A Vatel Lyon 2014 and Vatel Brussels 2016 alumnus, Quentin Laurent landed his first job: Operations Manager at the La Villa Le Bec in Shanghai. 

A unique restaurant in Shanghai, La Villa Le Bec is located in an old house that used to belong to one of the generals in the Chinese army.

You’ll find a Vatelien, class of 2014 Bachelor Vatel Lyon and 2016 du MBA in International Hotel Management in Vatel Brussels, who is managing it:  Quentin Laurent.

“I take care of everything concerning operational management, the back office, customer relations and strategic development.

The rhythm and demand levels are extremely heavy. I wasn’t really expecting that. But it’s all the more motivating and helps me to push my own limits.

I organize events, take care of stock management and HACCP controls, draw up function sheets to organize my teams... and of course, I’m present at each and every restaurant service!

What I like above all in my job is:

  • the diversity of working days, 
  • the links I have with our regular customers,
  • the total implication that I can have and liberty given to me to develop this family-owned business.

Every day I apply what I learned at Vatel when I’m at work. Just like during my  theoretical courses and my application courses at the Lyon Restaurant. Vatel taught me to be curious and to know how to communicate with all nationalities. Very priceless knowledge, as our client base is made up of 80% of Chinese and 20% of Western guests.

Respecting other cultures, standards and regulations; assiduity and concentration; autonomy and taking initiatives are just some of the qualities required to succeed in the job I have today.” Quentin Laurent.

Villa Le Bec

Quentin’s former professional experiences:


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