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François PERRAUD

Financial Controller

Radisson Blu Nantes
Class of 2010

Nantes, France Return

An MBA in International Hotel Management 2010 alumnus from Vatel Lyon, Francois Perraud was hired directly during his final internship. 

He began as an Income Auditor, before being promoted as a Financial Controller and spent several years in Paris and Nice before moving to Nantes.

He works at the Radisson Blu Nantes and go back to Vatel, but this time as a professor. 

Tell us 5 reasons why you chose hospitality. 

  • The satisfaction you get from working with people 
  • The diversity of jobs you have in a career in hospitality
  • The exciting challenges you have every day 
  • Very quick promotions
  • Team and family spirit that you have in hotels throughout the world

And 5 key dates on your resume. 

2007: My Bachelor’s degree in Applied Management and Economy at the Jean Moulin University in Lyon and that is also when I began my MBA in International Hotel Management at Vatel Lyon. 

2009: My final internship in the finance department at the Park Inn by Radisson in Roissy

2010: I was hired right after I finished my internship, as an Income Auditor

2012: My first Financial Controller job, also in Paris

2018: Professor in Management and Corporate Economy at Vatel Nantes

And 5 words that describe the Vatel spirit: 

  • Transmission
  • Reality
  • International 
  • Diversity 
  • Adaptation

Now 5 words about Nantes: 

  • Employment: The best French town to work in according to l’Express 
  • Green: Nantes is a sustainable development city and has many parks and gardens
  • Attractiveness: one hour from the sea and two hours from Paris
  • Culture: it’s a city with many museums, shows, concerts and festivals
  • Fascination: happenings made possible by Voyage à Nantes, Machines de l’île... 

©François Perraud 

©Hôtel Radisson Blu Nantes 


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