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Revenue Manager

Radisson Blu Nantes
Class of 2008

Nantes, France Return

Starts: never at the same time, that depends on the week’s schedule. 

Beginning of the day: 

  • Warmly greets the team members 
  • Extracts the figures from the day before and for the four upcoming months
  • Debrief in the daily “morning meeting”

Each week: 

  • Analyzes the market and past, present and future results
  • Team meetings and executive meetings 
  • Draws up sales instructions
  • Creates new offers

Can vary on a daily basis: EVERYTHING! Optimizing a hotel’s turnover includes multiple variables. 

Works with these departments: 

  • Reservations - sales instructions
  • Sales - pricing grids
  • Reception - overbooking management 
  • Restaurants - sales strategy 
  • Finance - drawing up the budget

Contact with guests: in the framework of final negotiations.

Lunch break: always with colleagues, trying out dishes prepared by the hotel’s cafeteria staff.

Corporate spirit: young, interrelated and very Vatelien! Six Vatel alumni work at the hotel. All the departments get together at lunch and everyone is ready to help others out. At least one Friday per month, there’s a cocktail after work. 

Leaves: whenever, as the hospitality industry is like a second family. You get a lot out of it, but it requires a lot of investment. 

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