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Siwametr Boonyarittiwong  - Vatel

Siwametr Boonyarittiwong

Head of Production and Quality

Paul (Thailand)
Class of 2007

Bangkok, Thailand Return

Head of Production and Quality, Paul, Thailand

Vatel provided me with a platform to work effectively with other people in teams, whilst the learning methodology of practical training and theoretical knowledge made our studies not only more interesting and enjoyable, but also easier to understand. The internship schemes both in France and Thailand helped me better understand this industry and prepared us effectively for employment. Vatel is a well-known school and it is widely recognized in the hotel industry worldwide.

The experience and knowledge gained from Vatel has helped enhance my career.  It enabled me to learn quickly and be able to multi-task, something that is very useful in any organization. Also, I have come to understand other departments and how to work effectively across a hotel business operation. Experience gained from practical classes and internships improved my professional skills and helped me to find an excellent position upon graduation.

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