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Ludivine BRAYAT - Vatel

Ludivine BRAYAT

Account Sales Manager Europe

Westin Paris Hotels & Resorts
Class of 2014

Paris, France Return

Ludivine is currently Account Sales  Manager Europe at Westin Paris Hotels & Resorts.

A Vatel 2014 alumnus, Ludivine Brayat was immediately hired as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at the Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel*****, another step closer to what she had always dreamed of doing.

What made you decide to go to Vatel?

After I had finished quite a general degree, a two-year Business Administration degree, I decided to specialize in a field I had always wanted to work in: the hotel and tourism management industry. I had heard that Vatel alumni were sure to land jobs quickly. After a bit more investigation, I found out that there was not just one Vatel School, but around twenty of them on four different continents and they all had an unbelievable portfolio of internships in luxury hotels all over the world. And what really clinched the deal for me was when I learned that someone that I knew and who went to Vatel was now the Marketing Manager of a huge Palace Hotel. Maybe this sounds silly, but that made me dream and I applied to Vatel right away.


What is your fondest memory of a theoretical course and of a practical application course?

It’s when professionals working in hotels and for travel agencies came in for just a few hours in order to give us a presentation on their job and their company. These were always great opportunities for students to discuss with professionals.

For a practical work, I’d say the possibility to train in management skills by managing younger students. Vatel’s practical courses place us, as students, in professional situations and allow us to acquire true managerial skills and understand how hierarchy works, even before we do our first internship. We learn a lot about professional attitudes and conduct that luxury brand management requires.


Did your internships also meet your expectations?

This is one of Vatel’s strong points: the School itself, will find you the best internships available according to the destination you have chosen, and your personal professional project and goal. The student internship department has excellent relations with many hotels and its address book is huge. My internships in Accommodations and Housekeeping at the Meridien Beach Plaza in Monaco and in Sales at the Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe Hotel were very enriching and I learned a lot from them.


How did you land your first job?

A short time after I graduated, I responded to some job vacancies posted in the Journal des Palaces that corresponded to what I was looking for. I was hired by one of them and after that, everything went really fast.


Could you tell us about your duties? 

I’m in charge of promoting the hotel on social networks, but also using traditional press coverage. My role is to convey our hotel’s values and standards through marketing actions and enhance our visibility. I also take care of local markets and assist the Sales Manager in her daily work. This is an ideal job to gradually move up in the Sales and Marketing department. It’s a job where many different skills are required, and that’s what makes it so interesting.


In your opinion, what qualities and skills do you need to succeed in this job? 

You have to have really good communication skills, because you’re constantly in contact with others.  You also have to be well organized and very dynamic!


What is your personal definition of a luxury hotel?

A luxury hotel is an industry in its own right, where the customer is at the heart of each and every department.

And you can’t forget that each department requires elegance, discretion and paying attention to guests. More than a mere service, today we strive to offer our guests an experience, an invaluable memory.


What are you short, mid and long-term projects? 

In the short-term, I’d like to gain more experience in this job, understand all the tools and acquire true skills in Sales & Marketing. After that, I’d like to be promoted to External Sales Manager for the international marketplace.


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