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Interview with Alexandra Terrier major of our MBA Promotion 2015. - Vatel

Interview with Alexandra Terrier major of our MBA Promotion 2015.

Vatel Bordeaux is very proud of its students’ results, with 16 of its 25 MBA students graduating with merit in 2015. This year the girls lead the field, among them our top student, Alexandra Terrier, who has taken second place out of all the students


Alexandra Terrier, who has taken second place out of all the students in Europe's Business school this year with an average of 14,93. Alexandra is an ambitious,highly motivated gil with plenty of plans for the future. We wish her every success on a persobnal and professionnal level. 

You’re the top student at Vatel Bordeaux this year and second across all the business schools in Europe. I imagine that you’re very happy with this result?

Yes, I’m very happy – and honoured. I didn’t expect these results but I’m delighted with them. They’ll undoubtedly open many doors for me. I hope so anyway.

What’s the secret to your success?

I would say, first and foremost, the quality of the teaching. Our lecturers were competent and attentive.

The periods of work experience brought me greater professional maturity and, of course, I’m passionate about work in the hotel and restaurant sectors.

What will you remember from these three years of study?

The three years of study increased my theoretical and practical knowledge.

I’ve also met some outstanding people, personally and professionally.
It takes passion to work in the hotel and restaurant sectors but classes also require the same level of passion and enthusiasm. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to take in all the information we’re given.

During these three years, you had two placements. What was the most significant experience for you?

Yes, I had two placements, one in the Foreign Office in the UK where I considerably improved my knowledge of English. 

My second placement was in Brussels, with an independent group of four hotels. I worked in the Bookings & Yield Management Department. 

I see this second experience as being the more significant. I was given a lot of responsibility after only a very short time. There were numerous difficulties but nothing that I couldn’t handle. 

This second placement made me realise what types of recruits the job market needs. We may be graduates but we should retain our sense of humility. We still have everything to learn.

What are your plans for the future?

After our exams, I immediately left Bordeaux and went back to my home, the Rhône-Alpes region. 

At present, I’m working in a private clinic in Switzerland, filling a replacement vacancy. I’m meeting a lot of people and my aim at the moment is to create a solid network of contacts in whom I can have confidence. 
In the longer term, my plan is to work for a small establishment or group. Possibly even an independent structure of the "boutique hotel" type where I could use my range of skills.

How would you define the 'Vatel spirit'?

I would define it in one word - sharing. 

This was highlighted by the teaching staff. Their courses were first class. They’re true professionals and they had no hesitation in sharing their own networks of contacts and their knowledge of the various markets with us. They also gave us personalised advice. 
I am delighted to have chosen the Ecole Vatel Bordeaux three years ago and I’m now proud to be able to draw on its many advantages in the world of work.

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