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Abracadabra, and the Vatel uniform you shall wear - Vatel

Abracadabra, and the Vatel uniform you shall wear

Accepted at Vatel Nantes, Lou Nguyen ends her admission interview by trying on clothing. By the way though, why wear a uniform and what do students think about this?


Federator and a symbol of the Vatel Spirit, wearing a uniform induces conduct that is strict, sober and elegant, as required by all jobs in the hospitality industry and restaurant services. 

Worn by 7,000 students throughout the world, it is an inclusive emblem shared by all Vatel Group schools. 

So, what do students think about this? #conversationsatthelockers

ell as the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but wearing a uniform puts us in the psychological conditions to have the right attitude and enter into our hospitality character.

As we all wear the same uniform, this helps us to understand that we are all members of the huge hospitality family and that we can always count on one another, during and after our studies.

Who is Lou Nguyen? 

Lou is 18 years old, she lives in Rennes and her father is a pharmacist. True to her roots, she loves Vietnamese and Lebanese cooking. 

Her professional ambitions? She dreams of being the International Guest Relations Manager. And to make her dreams come true, she’ll begin her first Bachelor year at Vatel Nantes in September 2018. 

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