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Anniversary Dinner to celebrate the 25th year of Vatel Bordeaux - Vatel

Anniversary Dinner to celebrate the 25th year of Vatel Bordeaux

Vatel Bordeaux school hosted an anniversary dinner on the closing day of the first edition of the Forum for the Future of Hotel and Restaurant sector, held on October 10th.

From 16 students in 1994 to 730 students in 2019, Vatel Bordeaux is constantly growing. In order to celebrate in style its 25th anniversary, Vatel Bordeaux gave a warm thanks to all the members of its community: partners of the hotel-restaurant industry, corporate partners, official representatives, alumni, students and members of the Vatel Bordeaux team and Vatel group. Let’s have an overview of the hotel-restaurant leading figures who were present among us.

Alain & Jocelyne Sebban Founders of Vatel group

Born to Lyon-born parents, Alain Sebban, opened, along with his wife, the first Vatel school in Paris in 1981. Vatel Bordeaux, the first franchise school of the group, opened in 1994. In 2002, the first international school was set up. In 2016, Vatel group was awarded the “Best Hotel school” prize at the 17th edition of Worldwide Hospitality Awards. Today, the group has 50 campuses throughout the world, present in 32 countries, across 4 continents with 35 000 graduates.

Renaud Azema, President and General Manager of Vatel Mauritius who is also in charge of developing the school in southern Africa and in the Indian ocean, attended also the event.

Nicolas Florian, Mayor of Bordeaux & Stephan Delaux, Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux in charge of Economic Attractiveness, Tourism, Greats Events & River Life

The Mayor of Bordeaux, Mr Nicolas Florian and Mr Delaux both praised the success of Vatel Bordeaux, especially its commitment towards sustainable development. They also highlighted the strengths of Bordeaux, its 87 000 students and the 7 million tourists attracted by the city each year. They called on the young generation to overcome their fears and come up with bold initiatives that would shape the future.

Vatel Bordeaux - left to Right. M. Alain Sebban President and founder of Vatel Group ; Mr Nicolas FFlorian - Mayor of Bordeaux ; Régis Glorieux - Président & Co-founder of Vatel Bordeaux.

Left to right: Mr. Alain Sebban (President & founder of Vatel Group) ; Mr. Nicolas Florian (Mayor of Bordeaux); Mr. Régis Glorieux (President & Co-founder of Vatel Bordeaux).

Luis Lézama de Barañano - President of EURHODIP (International Association supporting Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training) 

Previsouly a catholic priest, writer and journalist, Luis Lezama de Barañano is the founder in 1992 of the Hospitality and Tourism School in Seville. He is currently the president of Eurhodip which comprises of more than 150 hotel and tourism schools, of which the most famousones in Europe. The members of Eurhodip are from 39 countries, including Senegal.

Philippe François - President of AMFORHT (World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training)

Elected for the first time as president of AMFORHT in 2010, Philippe François is the head of an established association that successfully brings together 250 members from 40 countries . Today, AMFORHT gathers 620 members in 64 countries. Since 2017, it is recognized by the United Nations as a non-governmental organization and is granted a Special Consultative status.

Vatel Bordeaux - Left to right : Mr Philippe FRANÇOIS (President of AMFORHT) ; Régis Glorieux (President & Co-founder of Vatel Bordeaux) ; Luis LEZAMA DE BARAÑANO (President of Eurhodip)

Left to right: Mr. Philippe François (President of AMFORHT); Mr. Régis Glorieux (President & Co-founder of Vatel Bordeaux) ; Mr. Luis Lézama de Barañano (President of Eurhodip).

Laurent Tournier- President of UMIH (Union of Hotel Professions and Industries)

Previous owner of Pinasse Café, Laurent Tournier is the successor of Jean François Testet. He decided to set up a digital platform dedicated to employment. The UMIH of Gironde is composed of 1 000 members.

Nicholas Perretti - GNI (French National Group of Independent establishments of the Hotel Sector) 

Set up in 2014, the French National Group of Independent establishments of the Hotel Sector n is a great defender of sustainable development. As such, GNI chose the label Clef Verte as a new partner.

Olivier Occelli - General Manager of the Tourist Information Office of the city of Bordeaux

Olivier Occelli was the head of the Tourist Information Office of Lyon during 10 years before taking the same responsibility in Bordeaux.

Partners of Vatel Bordeaux


We were also pleased to welcome among our guests the representatives of the following entities: Château Hôtel Grand Barrail, the Bordeaux Convention and Exhibition Center, the Regional Tourism Committee of New Aquitaine, the Bistrot Régent Group, the Etchébest Group, the Lascombes Group, the Legendre Group, the Boutique Hotels Group Collection, La Grande Boucherie, 'Mama Shelter Hotel, Le Burdigala, Hotel, Palais Galien hotel, Intercontinental Le Grand Hôtel, Terre de Vins, V.V.H Promotion.

Vatel Bordeaux - Left to right : M. Régis Glorieux (President of Vatel Bordeaux) ; Our students ; M. Alain Sebban (President founder of Vatel group).

Left to right: Mr. Régis Glorieux (President & Co-founder of Vatel Bordeaux); our students; Mr. Alain Sebban (President & Founder of Vatel Group).

The attendance of those well-regarded names is a recognition of the excellence of Vatel’s education and the solid partnerships built by Vatel Bordeaux.

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