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Student Affairs: ‘Offering support to our students  is in our DNA’ - Vatel

Student Affairs: ‘Offering support to our students is in our DNA’

Boosting students’ integration and supporting the student council are the main tasks of Chloé Cassagne, head of Student Affairs department at Vatel Bordeaux.

She is a Vatel Bordeaux graduate and a holder of an MBA in International Hotel Management and she was willing to discuss with us her duties.

The Students Affairs department accompany our students in their administrative tasks

In which circumstances were you appointed head of Student Affairs department?

It is an opportunity, a great one, that came my way. I had chosen to do my MBA in International Hotel Management at Vatel Bordeaux. When I finished my course, Mr. Ludovic Glorieux, the Academic Director, offered me the position within this new department dedicated to all students. 

What does your mission involve? 

My role is to ease the integration of new students, through a specific process:

  • Handing out, at the beginning of each new training, a bilingual handbook containing all information regarding administrative documents, useful addresses and practical tips
  • Accompanying non-EU international students in all steps necessary to obtain a long-term visa;
  • Informing and communicating about all housing offers such as renting or sharing of flats or rooms in Bordeaux;

But my mission mostly involves providing assistance when students require help, it mainly consists of being approachable and supportive. I even help out some students when they prepare for their exams.

Student Affairs advises the student council when it comes to its financial management 

How do you accompany the student council?

I check the feasibility of the expenses made by the student council when it puts together events such as the Gala. I also provide guidance given I was a member of the student council for 2 years. 

You mentioned the Gala. Who does it target ? What is its budget? 

The student council is the sole organizer of the Gala. This event is open to any member of the Vatel community: administration, students, professors, partners. Each year has a different theme. Budget ranges from 15.000 to 20.000€ and the organizing process should start minimum 5 months before the event. Finding the venue is always the top priority.

You were a member of the student council for two years. Which task was assigned to you? Do you have any particular advice? 

I was the treasurer during these two years. This position requires a great deal of rigor. I must primarily warn all treasurers that in the event of deficit on their last day of duty, their bank account will be suspended!I strongly advise the student council’s treasurers to be particularly attentive 30 days prior to the Gala and 7 days after the event. It is the major event that coincides with the end-of-year account closing. Accounts must be consulted daily and the cashing and the withdrawal of invoices should be monitored closely.  

'Vatélienne'(Vatel alumni) and head of Student Affairs, Chloé Cassagne is an indispensable figure to all Vatel Bordeaux students.

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