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Toque de Lyon: more than mere chocolate, a homage - Vatel

Toque de Lyon: more than mere chocolate, a homage

As a token of recognition to Chefs and Lyon’s gastronomy they promote all over the world, Vatel has created Toque de Lyon.


For all of those who wonder who this gourmet homage Toque de Lyon targets, Alain Sebban, President and Founder of Vatel Group, replies: 

“To the legendary Lyonnaise mothers who left their bourgeois homes and kitchens to live their dreams;

To all the gourmet Chefs who make the stars of global gastronomy shine bright in the skies, 

To the mâchons, these traditional dishes served at the break of dawn, to the authentic bouchons, Lyon’s popular bistros, as well as its prestigious tables,

To this creative and elegant cuisine, that has always upheld values of sincerity, generosity and simplicity, 

To Lyon, this city lucky enough to have been born in the heart of an exceptional terroir,

To all the famous men and women who honor it and to those who innovate to invent tomorrow’s culinary experiences,

To all these passionate people, these artists whose talent and audacity have become benchmarks,

To all of these and to gourmets from the entire world, I am proud to present Toque de Lyon, imagined to pay homage to this city that has given me so much.”

A specialty that promotes all Vatel’s values

For the past 40 years, Vatel has passed on from generation to generation, all the values included in the French Art of Hospitality, meaning the tradition of hospitality to please others and create emotions.In 2018, to celebrate Lyon’s traditional culinary excellence and values it includes, Vatel created Toque de Lyon: a full-bodied chocolate, made from Grands Crus cocoa beans selected by Valrhona and sublimated by the talents of Vatel Gourmet’s Chocolate Chef, Yoan Huys. 

Artisanal creations in the Vatel Gourmet Manufacture

Toque de Lyon chocolates originated in one of Vatel Lyon’s practical application structures. Inaugurated at the end of 2017 in Oullins, the Vatel Gourmet Manufacture associates artisanal traditions and state-of-the-art equipment in a facility of over 600 m2. Working in catering services, pastry kitchens, the chocolate factory, and candy making, students who are doing their professional experience weeks have the opportunity of discovering what goes on behind the scenes of the three Vatel Gourmet Boutiques in France. Boutiques where Toque de Lyon chocolates will be sold. There they will learn about hygiene applications, how the cold chain is respected, packaging rules, etc. 

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