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Vatel, a family tradition
Vatel, a family tradition - Vatel

Vatel, a family tradition

A second-year student, Marie Funes chose hospitality because she loved it and Vatel by conviction: her aunt, Alexa is a Vatelien and both of her parents, David and Alexandra, also are! A joint interview


3 words to describe Vatel

Marie: ambition, precision, team spirit 

David & Alexandra: professional conduct, prestige, network 

Alexa: management, work, the art of hospitality 

Best memories of school

Marie: my four-month internship at the Ritz Paris.

David & Alexandra: our professional application courses, where we learned our jobs while having fun.

Alexa: my internship as the Housekeeper at theCrillon Hotel. I was only 20 but was supervising a team of maids who had been working there for 20 years.

After graduating 

Marie: the department of guest relations in luxury hotels was what I was interested in. I wanted to start my career abroad to discover other cultures and hone my professional projects.

David & Alexandra: we started our careers at the front desk of the Eiffel Tower Hilton. After that David was promoted to Night Manager and I started working in Sales. After that we opened our own restaurant in Boulogne and then two others. 

Alexa: I started working at the Hotel Scribe and I continued working in customer satisfaction in large groups such as Gapand Quicksilver.

And now? 

Marie: I’m continuing my second year at Vatel Parisand will be going to Monaco for my second internship.

David & Alexandra: we’ve still got our restaurants, but now in Miami, Florida.

Alexa: Ten years ago, I founded by own internal architecture agency: MyHomeDesign, and I’ve now got 25 employees. 

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