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Vatel Bordeaux is certified European Ecolabel for the second time - Vatel

Vatel Bordeaux is certified European Ecolabel for the second time

Vatel Bordeaux constantly strives to get its students acquainted with eco-responsible practices such as environmental awareness, waste management and help them support local producers.


As part of this sustainable approach, the School managed to obtain, last September, the renewal of its European Ecolabel certification. The European eco-label promotes a green attitude and is the only official European eco-responsible label with rigorous and ever-evolving specifications. So, how did Vatel Bordeaux meet these requirements? Here is an overview of our most emblematic actions.

Socially responsible courses

In their first year, students of the International Hotel Management course are introduced to ecological standards. Lenka Lamour, who is a teacher at Vatel Bordeaux, is also an independent auditor with an 8-year experience at the French Agency for Standardization (AFNOR)*, an official body that grants Ecolabel certification. Consequently, students gain insight into eco-friendliness and acquire the theoretical knowledge related to the Ecolabel.   What’s more, our students perform daily eco-friendly actions within the school. For example, paper sorting is mandatory, it is deposited in dedicated bins placed in all the rooms of the school. Similarly, students who undertake their hands-on internships at the hotel or at the Vatel restaurant regularly apply the ecological gestures specific to the hotel-restaurant industry.

The 4* Vatel Bordeaux Hotel & 'Les Tables Vatel' restaurant are active in their efforts to adopt the green approach

The 4 * Vatel Bordeaux hotel is one of the 264 French hotels awarded the European Ecolabel in 2018. Éric Pourtau, Front Office Manager, lists the main actions undertaken:
• Implementing the 'Zero paper, zero plastic' policy
• Using eco-certified maintenance products
• Reducing electricity consumption with the use of low-energy LEAD bulbs
• Producing hot water partly through using solar panels.

The 'Tables Vatel' restaurant, for its part, fully supports local producers, according to its manager Julien Borreil. For example, 'our pear and apple juices come from the Chartrons press room' , he says. In addition, the wine is selected according to specific criteria and 40% of the wine selected in our cellar is sourced from organic agriculture.Vatel Bordeaux has gone a step further, it adopted the 'Social Responsibility of the Educational Enterprise' (RS2E) charter.

What’s more, the School is aiming at obtaining the European Ecolabel certification in 2020.

For more information on our Ecolabel commitments, follow us on our Vatel Bordeaux Facebook page.

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