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Vateliens, ambassadors of the Vatel spirit - Vatel

Vateliens, ambassadors of the Vatel spirit

Curiosity, humility, team spirit... A Vatelien shares his commitment to values his school transmitted to him.


After having studied at Vatel Nimes, Jean-Charles Poinsignon was hired by one of the most prestigious Parisian palaces: immediately after having graduated, he became the Human Resources Assistant at Le Meurice, and he loves his job. From his five years of studies, he has kept great friends, an openness to others, adaptability to all situations and the humble posture of someone who, as he learned more, climbed the rungs in the hospitality ladder. In a nutshell, the Vatel spirit!

You studied aT Vatel nimes, a campus with students from many different nationalities...

Vatel Nimes is a multicultural campus: that’s a priceless asset to prepare you for your future career, because you meet so many different cultures in a company - and even much more so in hospitality and restaurant services. It’s an invaluable resource. In the hospitality industry, we work every day in an international environment, where you have to understand others, wherever they’re from.

In my profession, for instance, you may think that a job interview always complies with the same codes, but that’s not true. There are several codes and customs, and I have to know them. My successive professional experiences allowed me, as I’m a good observer, to use what works well elsewhere, and adopt the best practices.

Can you give us three words describe what you learned at Vatel?


A value I attach a lot of importance to.


I’m a strong advocate of education and training throughout your entire professional and personal life.

The ability to see yourself in the future

In our lines of work, you always have to be thinking of the future and anticipating to the best of your ability.

What links do you still have with your classmates? 

I was lucky to make a lot of great friends during my years at school. Some of my classmates now live on other continents, but that doesn’t prevent us from remaining close and seeing each other regularly. Our years at Vatel brought us close together.

Any tips for students and candidates? 

Work hard in your internships and at school. Be curious and exceed expectations, be open to different disciplines. A well-rounded culture often puts you a step ahead of others. Make the right choices while remaining humble and be patient. And make sure you have competent support.

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