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Vateliens celebrate their school’s victory
Vateliens celebrate their school’s victory - Vatel

Vateliens celebrate their school’s victory

The Best Hospitality Management School is French and its ours! Attending a Club event, over a hundred alumni celebrated Vatel Group’s victory in the Hospitality Awards together.


A lucky coincidence with the dates: on Thursday, November 17, the Auvergne Rhone Alps Vatel Club alumni got together in the brand-new Lyon Vatel Restaurant for their 4th networking evening that Delphine Cinquin, their Ambassador, had organized.

On that Monday, Vatel was named as the “Best Hospitality Management School” by the highest representatives of the international hospitality industry and one of the 42 best schools in the world in the 17th Worldwide Hospitality Awards ceremony.

A fantastic opportunity to celebrate Vatel Group’s award together, which, as Delphine Cinquin put it: “is also an award belonging to all Vatel’s alumni, as each professional success proves that the courses we give totally match was the profession needs and expects.”

Then the Club’s Ambassador spoke about “the importance of creating and maintaining links between all Vatel alumni, whatever campus they graduated from and whenever they graduated.” Vatel Clubs that have sprung up all over France and the entire world prove this point.

There are four in France and 11 abroad; each Club is headed by an Ambassador elected by its members and is a part of an interrelated, dynamic and engaged professional network.

On Thursday November 17, at the same time, members from the Ile de France Vatel Club got together in Paris and on the 18th and the 24th meetings took place in London and Geneva.


An evening filled with memories and emotions

Spanning 1990 to 2015 classes, over a hundred Vatel alumni got together and talked about the jobs they currently have, from a Hotel Manager, Operational Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing, Human Resources or Finance Manager, Public Relations Managing Director, Special Events Management, Administration Control, Housekeeper, Front Desk Manager, just to name a few.

Fantastic and very different kinds of work that Vatel Lyon alumni had learned how to do in this restaurant. And they were all very touched, not just to have come back to the place where they welcomed their very first real customers, but also to see how much this restaurant, which was revamped this summer, had changed.

This practical application facility, open to customers since 1984, is the place that they learned how to manage human resources, take decisions and assume their consequences.

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