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What do hotel management students think of their future employers? Vatel Bordeaux made an enquiry. - Vatel

What do hotel management students think of their future employers? Vatel Bordeaux made an enquiry.

Vatel Bordeaux and Opinion Way undertook the 1st significant international survey, covering 3 1116 hotel management students from 96 nationalities.

Below is an overview of the most noticeable findings, and a focus on how hotel management students perceive industry enterprises, and the expectations they place on their soon-to-be employers.

Hotel management students: opinions favoring their future employers

Regardless of their nationalities, hotel management students have a good opinion of enterprises operating in their sector (79%).  

This trend is also observed in other fields. According to the measure of « les jeunes et l’industrie» 2019, 80 % of college students in science or technology sections, have positive views of the enterprises in their areas of expertise

Hotel-restaurant management students: growth opportunities and work culture, two main elements of their choice making.

Aside from salary, a good work culture is what is sought by ¾ of young hotel-restaurant management students. Also, they equally insist on the necessity of having a visibility over the growth possibilities within the enterprise.  

The future graduates of the coffee, hotel & restaurant sector are larger in numbers than the ones of other fields. These latter graduates favor the work conditions at a ratio of 57% , as a major criteria when choosing their enterprise.

TThey are equally open to working in independent enterprises as in large hotel or restaurant chains.

Future senior executives of the Hotel-restaurant sector: Satisfying guests and making profits are priorities for enterprises

The millennials are pragmatic and are attached to the idea of guest satisfaction. They consider this criteria - at a ratio of 61% - as the first quality measure in a hotel or restaurant.  

Wellbeing of clients is measured with different methods. It can be measured through direct feedback after a meal or during check-out. The reviews posted on the online booking websites allow for better evaluation of the degree of guest satisfaction.  

And given that guests trust other guests’ opinions on the booking websites, responding to reviews is also a source of profit. 

If you want to have a wider understanding of the rankings of hotel and restaurant groups based on their reputation? Download our complete survey!  

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