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Stars and jobs - Vatel

Stars and jobs

What jobs can a multiple-starred Chef like Yannick Alleno propose to Vatel alumni? We get the answer from Sandrine Cambazar, an HR Manager and Simone Peskine, a Vatelien and Manager of the Pavillon Ledoyen Restaurant, a 3-star Michelin restaurant.


The triple-starred Executive Chef in two restaurants, Yannick Alleno manages 14 different restaurants in the world, employing a staff of 1,200 in very different jobs: restaurant services, human resources, communication, sales, accounting, etc. 

Vatel students are being trained to do all of these jobs, and Sandrine Cambazar, the group’s Human Resources Manager, came to present them to Vatel Nimes 4th year students. 

"Jobs and functions in hospitality, restaurant services and tourism are constantly changing, halfway between traditions and modernity. For instance, at the same time we just hired a baker and a specialist in digital communication. 

When I come to Vatel, I know that I’ll be speaking with future senior executives, students who’ve learned the basics in management.

Millennials are such an interesting generation. They’re curious, flexible, creative, and all of them are great assets in a company. You have to know how to listen to them, allow them to take initiatives, give them feedback on a regular basis, and know how to manage them when they need this." Sandrine Cambazar

Simon Peskine’s journey to the stars 


Food & Beverage Director  

Le Pavillon Ledoyen 3* Yannick Alléno's Restaurant


Food & Beverage

Edouard 7, 4* Hotel


Deputy Food & Beverage Manager

Le Meurice Palace  Restaurant 2*


Deputy Restaurant Service Manager

Sur Mesure Restaurant 2*

Vatel is a great school of life.

Both practical and theoretical, we learn so much there.

Its management courses helped me to grow up and taught me how to step back and consider each problem to find solutions, and sometimes even opportunities.

Simon Peskine

Crédit photo : groupe Yannick Alléno

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