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Three, two, one... Open!
Three, two, one... Open! - Vatel

Three, two, one... Open!

Her eclectic background prepared Emmanuelle Bachelier to take part in the reopening of one of Paris’s iconic hotels: the Hotel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel. The tale of an impassioned lady who loves the adrenaline you only have on D-day.


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After having studied international trade and finishing a specialization in luxury brand management, in 2015 Emmanuelle Bachelier obtained her MBA inInternational Hotel Management from Vatel Paris. She switched careers to work in the hospitality industry, a universe that never sleeps, because she loved this field. And even more when a hotel is opening or unveiling its renovations to the public: through many openings or reopenings, this sparkling Vatelien works in huge projects where federated talents and shared passions give life to a new venue. “Preparing a hotel opening is an extraordinary challenge,” she explained when looking back on her internship as the Procurement Manager at the Bains Douches (Paris): she enthusiastically met the challenge of finishing her last year of schooling while doing this time-consuming internship. Boosted by the energy and unusual atmosphere of such a project, she noted “how hands-on work and theoretical knowledge answer to and complete one another.”

After the Bains Douches: a new job, new experience, new venue. And what a venue! The iconic Hotel de Crillon in Paris, closed for over four years to be completely remodeled, where all construction trades worked hand in hand. “That’s what I like about openings: how teams work together, the effervescence, being exhausted, the stress to see if we’ll meet the deadlines, and if the commissions will approve the work done so we can open when planned. Only one word can describe our opening event: magical.”

As the operational management auditor, Emmanuelle Bachelier loves having a job where she deals with fieldwork employees and support services, while helping boost the hotel’s turnover: “a management auditor doesn’t just audit,” she explained, “but also helps other departments.” This complementarity of all teams is the key to a successful and ambitious reopening like that of the Hotel de Crillon: “a fantastic alchemy binds team members and contributes to our atmosphere of mutual assistance between employees.” A few weeks later, business is back to normal in the renovated Crillon, where history and modernity go together, pleasing both its guests and its staff members. 

And who knows which (re)opening Emmanuelle Bachelier will take part in next time?

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