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Trip to Armenia
Trip to Armenia - Vatel

Trip to Armenia

The runner-up for the Marianne Müller Award, organized by the 23rd Eurhodip Conference, Auriane Oustlant, tells us more about this experience.


1- Tell us more about this contest.

Teams were made through a random drawing. I was lucky to be able to work with Angela Darchinyan from the Armenian Tourism Institute and Michuel Sanz-Agero Luna from the Seville Spain Hospitality Business School.


Our challenge:

  • Jumping into the shoes of the Human Resources Manager of a 250-room hotel who has problems with the absenteeism and high turnover of his employees.
  • Finding solutions to increase the motivation and satisfaction of his employees, and thus, restoring the hotel’s image.


2- How did you work together?

We all started thinking on out own about possible responses to these problems. Then we pooled them all and talked about them, before drawing up an action plan to address these concerns.

In our case study, the multiple stakes involved forced us to change several elements in the communication and reorganization to recreate virtuous practices and positive results, which is what we call keystone habits.

We had to use our synthetic spirit, our academic knowledge and our research before presenting our project in English to the examination board.


 3- What result did your team have?

We came in second in this contest, but that really didn’t matter as visiting Armenia was already a great reward.


 4- Can you tell us a bit about your stay in Yerevan?

I left with Mr. Regis Glorieux, who is the Vatel Bordeaux Dean and Founder, and the eight other students nominated and their directors. We were warmly welcomed by the event’s organizers, all members of the Armenian Tourism School. Armenians are very friendly and always ready to help you out.

Yerevan is a city with a long history. We visited the Armenian Museum of Genocide Institute as well as the memorial, where we left a bouquet of flowers.   We also tasted several local wines at the Areni Winery. I hope to go back again sometime and learn more about this country.


5- What did you learn from this experience?

Participating in this adventure was a great human and professional opportunity. I discovered a country, a culture and a region of the world I had never been to. I met people from all over Europe and I learned a lot from them.

I’d really recommend visiting this magnificent part of the world to everyone! 


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