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A European tour with Emma Lacour - Vatel

A European tour with Emma Lacour

Just 20 years old and Emma has already lived in France, in Germany, in Belgium and in England. She’ll tell us about her international experience with the Marco Polo exchange program from Paris to Brussels.


Born in Paris, Emma Lacour spent three years in Berlin when she was a child. She then came back to France to go to Vatel Paris. The following year, she participated in the Marco Polo exchange program to Vatel Brussels and finished her second year by an internship at the London Waldorf Hilton

Emma, why did you decide to participate in the Marco Polo exchange program? 

Deciding to do my second year at Vatel Brussels was an opportunity for me to discover another world while conserving my educational marks and continuity. 

My goal was not just to strengthen my linguistic skills with courses that were only in English, but also to experience a very international environment. 

So, what did you learn from this experience? 

In my first year of my bachelor courses in Vatel in Paris, I learned the basics of the French art of hospitality.  I was able to put them into practice for a year in my application courses at the Vatel Restaurant as well as during my first-year internship at the Five Seas Hotel in Cannes. 

In my second year at Vatel Brussels, I learned how to apply this knowledge to a multicultural target: I had a Marco Polo student from Vatel Switzerland in my class and I did my practical application weeks in one of the international hotels that had partnered with our school. 

What did you feel during this experience? 

I was excited much more than afraid before leaving because there’s always a link between our home school and our host school. I had a friend from Vatel Paris who was my sponsor and the whole Vatel Brussels class helped me out when I was there.   

After that I felt really fulfilled because I wasn’t out of my comfort zone, and there was a real continuity in my courses. Only the language and the environmental context had changed.  

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Credit photo : Emma Lacour

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