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Marco Polo was made for me! - Vatel

Marco Polo was made for me!

The Marco Polo program was obvious for Mathilde Henault, who had the goal of spending her sophomore year on another campus. Seeking other cultures and educational methods, she tells us about this experience full of sharing and solidarity.


What made you want to do the Marco Polo program?

Even before I started school at Vatel Paris, I wanted to do the Marco Polo program: I had read testimonials from students on, and my first year at school targeted this international project.
As I wanted to experience other ways of working, I also knew how much I would gain by working with students from all walks of life who shared my vocation. Marco Polo was thus made for me!

Why did you decide to go to Vatel Switzerland?

Switzerland, known for its details, hospitality culture and openness to the world, is the ideal place to go to school. Vatel Switzerland is a multicultural school, with 47 different nationalities: this could only help me to be more open-minded. I wanted my courses to be in English, which helped me for my second internship in the guest relationship department of the Mercure Bali Nusa Dua Hotel (Accor group). I also decided to go to Vatel Switzerland because of its application hotel where I learned about the different divisions in a hotel and thus diversified my skill set. In Vatel Paris, I had done my practical courses in a different kind of structure: the semi-gourmet restaurant.

Before I left, Vatel Paris put me in touch with an other student who had done the Marco Polo program in Switzerland: this motivated me even more. I’m proud to be a part of the Vatel student network, and later on, that of the Vateliens.

What are your best souvenirs of the months you spent in Martigny?

Loads of them!

  • When you show a Mauritian Marco Polo student snow for the first time, you never forget this.
  • One of my best memories concerns the international management course: our professor gave the Marco Polo students extra courses.
  • When I worked in the four-star application hotel, I felt like I belonged there. Greeting foreign guests and working with students of all different nationalities is a fantastic experience, sometimes a really funny one!

When I was there, each discovery was marvelous. Each difficulty helped me gain in maturity, and I learned a lot about myself. Marco Polo is an important stage in my learning path. 

What do you remember about other Marco Polo students you met at Vatel Switzerland?

We were six Marco Polo students in a class of 25: some were from Mauritius, others from Vatel India. We all supported one another and were able to visit Switzerland together during our free time. Our practical application professors liked to ask us questions about what we had done in hotels during our first year, and we had fun telling them about different educational methods from one Vatel school to another.

What projects do you have?

Before I begin my third year at Vatel Paris, I’ve got two internships to gain more experience:

  • in the tea room of the sumptuous Paris Opera Scribe Hotel by Sofitel
  • then in an auditing cabinet in Blois, to learn more about auditing in the hospitality field. I’m interested in this, which is why the management courses at Vatel Paris were my favorites!

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