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Meeting with Selim Attia, Marco Polo's student from Vatel Tunis
Meeting with Selim Attia, Marco Polo's student from Vatel Tunis  - Vatel

Meeting with Selim Attia, Marco Polo's student from Vatel Tunis

This year, Vatel Bordeaux has again welcomed students taking part in the Marco Polo programme. One of them, Selim Attia, a young Tunisian student, agreed to answer a few questions.


What made you decide to do the Marco Polo programme?

Basically, I love travelling and seeing new things. And when the opportunity arose, through Vatel, to spend a whole year in another country under the Marco Polo programme, I didn’t hesitate for a second before sending in my application.

Why did you choose Bordeaux from all the colleges in the Vatel group?

I chose Vatel Bordeaux because I wanted to learn more about wine and, as Bordeaux is the world’s capital of wine, it seemed the obvious choice. What’s more, Bordeaux has an excellent reputation so it was a great choice.

What were your first impressions when you arrived? Not too homesick?

I wasn’t at all homesick. Quite the contrary. I was given a very warm welcome by all the office staff at Vatel Bordeaux and by my fellow students, right from the start. And the whole year was like the first day. It’s been a truly perfect year.

So you’re happy with the year you spent here? What has it brought you? Do you have one memory you would like to share?

The year has brought me practical and theoretical knowledge that I would not have acquired in my original college, experience in a foreign country that has taught me a lot about myself and, most importantly, friends with whom I shall undoubtedly keep in touch after leaving Vatel.
The memory that I would like to share is still the memory of my very first day at Vatel Bordeaux, the meeting with my fellow students and the warm welcome I was given.

So, yes, I’m very happy with my year and I’m leaving Vatel Bordeaux with a great deal of regret.

Would you advise other students to come and spend their Marco Polo year in Bordeaux?

I would have only one thing to say to them – go for it! Bordeaux is a magnificent city and Vatel Bordeaux is a very good college from every point of view. The admin. staff are helpful, the teaching staff are very highly-skilled and there’s a great atmosphere.

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