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My Marco Polo year in Vietnam: cultural and linguistic growth
My Marco Polo year in Vietnam: cultural and linguistic growth - Vatel

My Marco Polo year in Vietnam: cultural and linguistic growth

Roxane Hamel, a Vatel Nimes student, tells us about the very tangible things she learned in her second year of school at Vatel Ho Chi Mihn.


“I’m really happy about the progress I made in English as well as learning basic Vietnamese.

One thing that I feel is really important is to speak to a people in their native language so that they’ll trust you when you first meet them.

I always started out by speaking in Vietnamese to people that I met. I only began speaking in English when I couldn’t continue any more in Vietnamese. 

This leads to a relationship based on reciprocal wellbeing that I’ll use throughout my whole career.

That’s because I’ll be managing teams of people with different nationalities in the hotels I’ll be working in throughout the world.”


Analysis and guidelines: in the streets in Saigon

“When you have to fend for yourself, you really learn a lot! I’ll never forget my first day alone in the city. I was unable to cross the street because of the many motorbikes and mopeds and had to turn back.

That’s when I really understood the analytical spirit that Vatel teaches us to find solutions to problems we have.

I went back again the next day. I looked at what was taking place, thought about it and finally understood that I had to let the trucks and busses got first and then muster my courage and step out slowly in the midst of the mopeds.

Trying to rush across would have been useless. You have to keep going with confidence and prudence and never stop quickly.

I finally crossed the street once, then twice and then again a third time... Transitioning from theoretical aspects to a case in point.”


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