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They say that three is the magic number! - Vatel

They say that three is the magic number!

An English student attending Vatel Lyon, Phoebe chose Vatel Madrid for her second Marco Polo year to become trilingual!


How could you describe Phoebe? She never sits still!

As soon as she had finished her first year in the Bachelor Vatel, she applied for the Marco Polo exchange program to do her second year in one of Vatel Group’s Spanish speaking campuses: “but at the same time, I had already decided to do this program even before I started school at Vatel Lyon,” said the student with a smile.

Her goal? Becoming trilingual, by adding Spanish to the French and English languages she already masters:

  I’m a very determined person and that’s why I set two goals for myself:

  • Not speaking either French or English with people that I’ll be meeting. It’s only by speaking Spanish all day long, both at school as well as during my free time that I’ll reach the level that I want for myself.
  • Doing my second academic year at Vatel Madrid and then doing my second year’s international internship in a Latin American country

I’ve read what other students like Sebastien who went to Chili wrote, and I know that the Vatel internship department has hotel partners in Chili, Argentina, Peru, etc. 
A six-month internship over there would be a great opportunity for me to discover another Spanish speaking culture, and even another type of Spanish.

See you next year at Vatel Lyon to tell you more!"

Phoebe Mannakee, a student and a globetrotteuse.

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