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An immersion into Vatel’s MBA Foundation Year - Vatel

An immersion into Vatel’s MBA Foundation Year

Vatel, which trains managers in the international hospitality industry, allows students with a two-year vocational degree to take MBA courses, regardless of their previous majors, thanks to a one-year scale-up class.


It includes theoretical courses and professional experience as well as an international internship. Two Vatel Bordeaux students, Marie Jaffré and Capucine Daubech, are enrolled in this scale-up course and would like to speak with us about the advantages of program.

Marie Jaffré, who has a two-year vocational degree in Hospitality and Catering, with a major in marketing and management at the Sainte Anne High School in Saint-Nazaire

Even though I’ve worked for six years in summer jobs in hotels and in a lot of departments, the MBA Foundation Year taught me a lot. The program, which includes both theoretical courses and practical application courses taught by seasoned professionals, has taught me a lot about this line of work. Plus, our professors teach us in their native languages and that’s a real advantage. I love the German culture and Bettina Strelke-Dupuch’s courses. And last but not least, everyone is available to assist us if need be. All in all, this year gives us a global overview of the roles played by managers in the hospitality industry as well as what’s done in human resources, management, etc. Before that I had the opportunity of working in a vineyard in Tasmania (Australia) that made white wine and I loved it. I’m thinking of taking the Vatel Bordeaux MBA Specialization in Wines and Spirits Management.

Capucine Daubech, who has a two-year vocational degree in International Trade from the Ozenne High School in Toulouse

After I graduated with my international trade degree, I worked for a year in a professionalization contract at the Toulouse Novotel. I really appreciate Vatel Bordeaux’s Foundation Year course because of the practical application weeks, as we apply what we’ve learned in the classroom right away. Also, with this Foundation Year, we learn other things about the hospitality industry such as the economic and legal aspects, as well as how to manage restaurant services and beverages.We also have a European eco-label, which is important for our school, as Vatel Bordeaux is the only hotel management school that has been awarded this certification.

Jump right into Vatel’s MBA Foundation Year and you’ll soon feel like a duck in water in the hospitality and restaurant services field.

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