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At school with Oscar
At school with Oscar  - Vatel

At school with Oscar

What do you learn in the current events in hospitality course? Learning how to draw up a priceless analysis of this field: an exciting course, explains Oscar Benoist, who is starting his MBA after having completed Vatel’s Passerelle Program.


His background

“I’m currently doing the Passerelle Program, a program that allows you to attend Vatel courses after a 3 year undergraduate program: this intensive course begins at the end of August and allows you to start the first year of your MBA in November.
I discovered Vatel during my Bachelor’s in international trade: the Vatelien, Jeremie de Fombelle, manages a superb resort in Mauritius, the LUX* Le Morne, where I was doing an internship. I became aware of all the different kinds of work you are qualified for after graduating from Vatel and I discovered a prestigious school, both for the quality of its courses as well as for its international outreach and its vision of hospitality.
The internships I did before taught me that I wanted to work in administration and hotel management, and I dreamed of managing a hotel abroad. I’ve still got a way to go, but I know that Vatel will give me all the keys I need for a great future.”

Innovative educational methods

This course is based on participation: we work in groups of 3-4 students, and each day we present a press review at the beginning of the course on a theme we chose (for instance, collaborative hospitality, new trends, current events in real estate, etc.). Then the professor gives us more information on each subject and we talk.
Our teacher has a Sales and Marketing background. He worked in several international companies before becoming the Sales Manager of the Les Hotels de Paris group. 

Indispensable courses 

“There are 22 of us in this Passerelle Program, with different college majors (trade, law, accounting, etc.): this intensive module gives us the basics in the hospitality field, so that we’ll begin our MBAwithout too many problems. The current events in hospitality course teaches us to do due diligence on the hospitality market and understand it. We develop all the analytical capacities that professionals in hospitality and tourism need. For instance, when one group acquires another one, we talk about all the aspects of this operation: why did they acquire it, what impact it will have on the concerned brand images, what customer strategy they’ll have, etc. The reflexes we hone in this course are indispensable for us to work in this ever-changing environment.”

Students talk about their Vatel courses:

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