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Behind the special events stage - Vatel

Behind the special events stage

Mathilde Corbin, who has taught at Vatel Nimes for the past five years, is an expert in events management and a coach for MBA students in this Specialization.


Since the 1st day she taught at Vatel Nimes back in 2013 up until today, Mathilde Corbin has always noticed the same thing! 

“Vatel students are ten times more operational than those in other hospitality management schools and true experts in customer relations. And I must add that I, myself, at the same age, was much less ready to affront the professional world and its requirements. You can quickly give Vatel students responsibilities, letting them do client briefs after only two days and operational tasks after only four!

Far from traditional lectures, Mathilde Corbin speaks to her students as she would to professionals who are in training.  “And sometimes I even have to force myself to theorize concrete examples in what I’m presenting to them.” 

We learn...

First day, first course, Mathilde Corbin starts by explaining important points in events to her students: venues, players, professions, medias, markets... She talks about everything and illustrates her course with real examples and personal experience. 

“After the first course, the vision they have of special events is changed, becomes much more realistic, with what will actually be expected of them: no, special events management is not just organizing weddings and glamourous parties! Most of these events, besides requiring creative ideas, also and most importantly require a very specific strategic reflection and organization as they target companies, meaning a business target with high stakes and issues.” 

And at the same time, we grow and learn by doing! 

Once they’ve understood the basics, each course has a theme, which is put into practical application with last-minute events and a fictive or real project that students must organize over the four months of the course. 

“With me, students must be able to respond to a public tender, draw up a budget, coordinate logistics, manage suppliers, react to unexpected events, etc.  But I also require them to have the strategic reflections that 5th year MBA students learn. 

We all work with each other in the course, then I let them lead their real or fictive special events management projects which will be assessed at the end of the year by a jury of professionals invited to Vatel Nimes.”

Final case study: internships

Contrary to internships for students in the Bachelor in International Hotel Management degree, MBA students have to find their own final internships. 

“From a professor, I become a coach for them to help them find THE internship which corresponds to them and help them apply for it. 

Their last assignment will then be not to give me a thesis or a dissertation, but a true substantiated, strategic and well thought out analysis of their host structures.”


Mathilde Corbin

Mathilde Corbin, who holds a Master 2 in Communication and Marketing Management from Toulouse Business School, began her professional career in Paris at Egg, an international events management company. She worked in Paris for two years and then in Brussels for one year before starting to work at Montpellier Events as their Marketing and Communication Manager. She then had missions in the south of France, in Costa Rica, and in Barcelona. In 2013, Vatel Nimes contacted her, as they were looking for professionals who were still working, for their 5th year Specialization in “Events Management.” 

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