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How Manon sees special events - Vatel

How Manon sees special events

After a two-year technical degree, Manon Bouchard wanted to specialize in events management: she contacted Vatel, where, after her Foundation Year, she began the Events Management specialization.


Tell us about your background?

After graduating from high school, I studied at the Montpellier Technical Institute and had the opportunity of studying for a year in Ireland. In these three years, I had the opportunity of organizing a wine fair and doing an internship in the Nimes Hospital communication and events division: these experiences, as well as the courses I took, convinced me to continue in communication and special events. It’s a field with great professional opportunities, both in France and abroad.

Why did you choose Vatel?

s I was born in Nimes, I’d heard about Vatel. I share these values that define the hospitality and tourism industries: I like contact with others, traveling, meeting people with different cultures and mindsets. I had heard about the Events Management specialization and that’s why I targeted Vatel Nimes: I was convinced that this degree would be an asset for my resume, I did the entrance exam and started my Foundation Year.

Tell us about that year.

As I didn’t have any experience in the hospitality industry, I was a bit stressed, but soon felt right at home: this course is made exactly for people just like me! And with people from different backgrounds, we all help each other. I quickly became good friends with a student from a two-year vocational degree in hotel management: I helped her out in administration and marketing while she helped me out in subjects directly linked to the hospitality industry. Our English teacher really impressed me. Her methods were based on oral communication and role games, and we were quickly uninhibited: far from traditional grammar exercises, we learned how to be at ease, not get rattled, while speaking about interesting subjects.

What would you tell a future student about Vatel?

When you go to Vatel, your courses are given by professionals: they know what’s going on and share their skillsets with us, which is priceless education. Another one of Vatel’s greatest strengths, in my opinion, is its international network of students and alumni and the solidarity between schools.

Tell us about your second MBA year.

Courses are held during fall and then slow down a bit in December so we can look for our final internship and write the project we’ll be presenting to an examination board of eight (professors and Vatel Nimes directors). I recently defended my project and was proud to present everything I had accomplished and my knowledge to the board members.There are also mid-term exams in October and an oral English exam before Christmas. In January we leave for a six-month internship and after that we defend our final dissertation: if everything goes as expected, we’ll be a part of the 33,000 Vatel alumni and look for our first job.

What will you be doing in your final internship?

I’ll work in an events management agency based in Paris. Proof that Vateliens have a network that’s larger than just hotel management: the head of the agency is a Vatel Paris alumnus! The agency has two regional branches: I’ll be working in the Montpellier office, with the project leader and his assistant. I’ll have the opportunity of working on several files, to assist the project leader, look for service providers and draw up the budget, as well as creating services for new clients. This internship should confirm the interest I have in special events management and help me to hone what I want to do in my future career. Right now, my dream would be to work as the communication and events manager in a pleasant and warm company.

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