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I have different missions at each event - Vatel

I have different missions at each event

We teach management, nutrition, human resources and marketing at Vatel, without forgetting safety! The Events Management specialization asks a specialist in this field.


Thierry Bousquet, can you tell us about your job as safety manager for special events?

I’ve got several missions and wear several ‘caps.’ I’m the linchpin between the event’s organizer and the administrative authorities: I give advice to the organizer so that his or her project (arts, sales, etc.) will comply with regulations and risk management; I also speak with administrative authorities to determine what measures need to be put in place for the event. My missions change at each event!

What are the specificities of events management in the hospitality field?

Theaters, casinos, exhibition halls, congress rooms... all of these venues, in hotels, host very specific activities. Because of these many different uses in the same place, you have to pay special attention to ensure maximal safety. For instance, when a hotel is hosting a show, the number of people onsite exceeds the daily average. You have to make sure that the hotel can deal with this, that there are no legal impediments, that all risks are correctly managed.

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