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Millennials, tomorrow’s professionals
Millennials, tomorrow’s professionals - Vatel

Millennials, tomorrow’s professionals

A 2002 alumnus, Solene Le Blevenec works with 1st year students. Both a Vatelien and a professor, she tells us how she sees this generation, one that is eager to travel and have new experiences: Millennials.


“After having had several great jobs in the hospitality industry, in 2012 I decided to change course and become an entrepreneur

I created a communications agency which targets those working in the arts and in hospitality: the SLB Paris agency. I’m happy to share this experience with Vatel Paris students

I’m really glad to come back to the school where I myself was trained, to teach tomorrow’s professionals in Hospitality Environment and Self-Image courses.”

From one generation to another 

First year Bachelor students are both endearing and interesting. Their generation, known as Millennials, doesn’t have a good reputation, though they are curious, funny and pertinent. But they are also very anxious. Perhaps it’s because they have too much information: they don’t always filter this information, and they have a huge quantity of it, and tend to act rather than analyze.

I don’t think we were as anxious as they are, but of course the context was different: terrorism wasn’t lurking in the background, we didn’t yet have the tsunami of social networks. That means that we weren’t hounded by all of this content.”

Palaces and international internships as goals

“One point really surprised me: how students see their internships. Because they’re looking for prestige, they all hope to put a palace on their resumes. And they all want to know in advance what they’ll do in their internships.  When I was a student, we had a general information meeting about internships; we only learned where we’d be going a few weeks before starting. It was an adventure and that’s what we liked. Today they want to know everything, right from the very beginning, to be reassured and ‘manage’ as they say, and that’s not always a good thing. 

And finally, I realize that students are attracted by the mobility and international outreach there is in hospitality. They all want to travel and move around: they dread thinking that they’d be working in an office all the time.

What do they share with the student I once was? Their passion for the hospitality industry, of course!”

Photo © Noel Bouchut

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