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MBA option palace

Back from when he started Vatel to his many internships, Jean-Charles tells us more about this perfect combination that led him into one of the most beautiful palaces in France: they day before receiving his MBA, he started work at Le Meurice


Why did you decide to work in the hospitality industry?

Hospitality is fascinating and is growing by leaps and bounds: in the past few years we’ve had several sociological and technological transitions and we have to stay on our toes and be reactive. There are many different kinds of work in this field, meaning career opportunities: and some hotels are like little villages!!

How did you choose Vatel?

Vatel has an incontestable reputation in the global hospitality market. As I grew up in Nimes, I already was familiar with the campus. I really liked the quality of the courses and professional experiences: Vatel has a very complete learning cycle, indispensable when looking for your first job.

When you started at Vatel, were you already thinking of Human Resources?

Not yet: I wanted to take advantage of the Bachelor program to discover the lines of work in the hospitality industry. Little by little I honed my projects and during my 2nd year internship at the Le Plaza Brussels Hotel, I found my vocation, when the Human Resources Manager let me work for a few days with her. 
My last MBA internship at The Peninsula Paris left me with great memories and confirmed my choice. For six months I worked on rolling out a corporate agreement for the employment of disabled people, a subject that meant a lot to me and that I worked on for my final dissertation. I was able to use all my knowledge and expand my skill sets by a strategic hands-on approach. 

How did the MBA program teach your more about Human Resources?

In Bachelor courses, professors focus on social, economic, legal and financial aspects that are indispensable to understand what Human Resources is all about. By means of seminars, MBA courses extend this and allow us to acquire analytical and decision-making methods on very concrete issues. We have real-life situations and case studies, working in small groups, which prepare us for our future jobs and help us work as a team. Vatel has an environment that is conducive to management; its professional approach to its curriculum is a true opportunity. My curiosity for Human Resources also led me to ready much more and learn more during my free time. Today, I love my job as the Human Resources Assistant at Le Meurice!

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