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Mission “Promoting the City of Lyon” - Vatel

Mission “Promoting the City of Lyon”

Vatel students: your 4th year mission, should you choose to accept it, is the following: drawing up a development strategy to increase Chinese tourism in your city, working closely with the Lyon Metropolis.


In the Vatel Bachelor program, you learn the basics in hotel management and gradually build a solid professional culture by doing several types of jobs in Vatel application structures and during internships.  

To complete this professional outcome, with the MBA Vatel students learn how to develop analytical methods and decision-making techniques using real case studies.

For example, during the entire first MBA year in Vatel Lyon, there is a strategic project, which students defend at the end of the academic year to a jury of professionals

Here’s what the five 4th year classes are focusing on: how to promote Lyon’s cultural and gastronomic heritage for Chinese targets

To address this territorial marketing strategy, each class was given an angle of research and was split into teams of 5 or 6 students:  

Class 1: Strategy of Marketing and promotion of the destination 
Class 2: Digital and Media strategy
Class 3: Partnership strategy
Class 4: Improving conditions for Chinese tourists 
Class 5: Adapting offers in hotels, restaurant services and shops

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Credit photo : François Maréchal

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