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My prof is a Vatelien!
My prof is a Vatelien! - Vatel

My prof is a Vatelien!

Founder of her own communication agency, Solene Le Blevenec gives hotel environment and self-image courses at Vatel. Let’s meet this Vatel alumnus, happy to be back at school again.


“I devote a lot of time to my students”

“A first experience, a few months ago, allowed me to discover the pleasure in conveying knowledge and sharing. 

When I was contacted to teach at Vatel Paris, I was quite moved with the idea of going back to my alma mater, and felt like I had a mission: confirming the choices students had made, and giving them the codes of etiquette and protocol and people-oriented skills. And of course sharing with them my passion for this extraordinary environment! I teach Hospitality Environment and Self-Image, two subjects that on paper, don’t look alike, but in reality, are quite complementary. 

I devote a lot of time to my students. I let them speak and I listen to them: for me this is a key stage in the professor / student relation and more generally speaking, in the professional / client relationship. The more information I have about them, the more I can meet their expectations.”

“Students have a lot of questions about when they’ll be working” 

“They often ask me quite practical questions:

  • How can I strike a balance between my professional life and personal life when I’ll have children? 
  • Does hospitality management pay a high salary

Others are directly linked to their future professional daily lives:

  • What about equality between men and women in hospitality management?
  • How can we deal with customer complaints? 
  • What were the most awkward situations I found myself in? And the most difficult ones? 

They also come to me to help write their resume or prepare their job interviews.”

“Hospitality is an extraordinary line of work”

“The hospitality industry presents an incredible opportunity for mobility and a host of jobs and opportunities. On the other hand, the rhythm is intense and days can be long and stressful. My advice? Believe in your dreams and stay on course, as it’s not easy! I’d like to add that in this line of work, you have to like people, be disciplined, be curious, think outside the box, and above all, be generous.”

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