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Nantes in video and seen by a Vatelien - Vatel

Nantes in video and seen by a Vatelien

Back to her Loire Atlantic region after graduation from Vatel, Lucie Leblet tells us why she loves her home town so much.


  I spent my childhood and adolescence in Nantes. After that I went to Vatel Bordeaux where I graduated in 2008.I started working for Barriere, in different cities in France and then I came back to my region. First in an independent hotel group and then in 2015, as the Radisson Blu Nantes Senior Revenue Manager"

Lucie loves Nantes because: 

  • It’s a dynamic city, one that is booming and one that’s nice to live in because of its many parks and gardens.
  • Its location: 2 hours from Paris and 1 hour from the sea.
  • Its increasing international outreach, in particular because of the oneiric strolls of the famous Machines de l’île.
  • Its rich and varied cultural offer: the art museum, the Rosière d’Artois, a beautiful 19th century venue for meetings, the La Folle Journée festival [A Crazy Day], etc.

Her ideal week-end in Nantes  

  • Strolling through the Talensac market
  • Shopping downtown
  • A walk along the Erdre riverbanks 
  • Getting together with friends at night 

Discover here the success story of Lucie Leblet 

and below an original video of Nantes

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