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Strategic reflections as a team - Vatel

Strategic reflections as a team

The Vatel International Business Game, the culminating point of the 5th year, is a virtual management simulation game where students from all over the world compete.May the best team win!


Adrenaline rush guaranteed for all the teams competing in the Vatel International Business Game as they will have to make the best commercial, financial, technical, and human decisions, and above all, assume them.

Broken down into several managerial teams, students manage three companies that belong to the same group, and they do this in English:

  • Vatel Holding, which is both the sales central and the financial holding for the group;
  • Vatel City, an urban 300 room four-star hotel located near Paris;
  • Vatel Resort, a five-star 150 room luxury resort, in the Indian Ocean.

For an entire week, students will see the direct impact of any mistakes they’ll have made and see how this affects their ranking. Right to the very last minute, anything can change on the rise to the top of the podium.

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