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The Lyon Metropolis rewards Vatel students - Vatel

The Lyon Metropolis rewards Vatel students

To thank them for a year of working together, the Lyon Metropolis in an Awards Ceremony, pays homage to what Vatel Lyon students have accomplished.


A symbol of recognition and trust, an awards ceremony took place on Wednesday September 26 at the Nouvel Institut Franco-Chniois, organized by the Lyon Metropolis to acknowledge the work done by Vatel Lyon 4th year students. 

The following members were present: 

- Alain Galliano, Vice-President of the Lyon Metropolis attractiveness and international relationships department, 

- Candice du Chaylat, Director of the Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois, 

- Professor Alain Labat, President of the Federation of French-Chinese Associations,

- Karine Benzazon, General Manager of Vatel Lyon and Vatel Nimes,

- Delphine Cinquin, the Vatel Lyon Director.

A Territorial Marketing strategy

How can the City of Lyon’s cultural and gastronomical heritage be promoted to Chinese targets?

To try to address this issue, each class was assigned a research angle and had to form sub-groups of 5 to 6 students. 

Karine Benzazon, the Vatel Lyon General Director, concluded the evening with this speech: 

“Dear Students, all throughout the last year, you have shown yourselves to be serious, intelligent and creative to tackle the very interesting problems that the Lyon Metropolis informed you of. Your recommendations were both substantiated and relevant. You can thus be very proud of yourselves. Once again, your work has proved that you are competent and ready to work in the profession that will soon be yours, and this in the most beautiful hotels in the world.This very concrete case-study is an extraordinary lever to develop your intellectual agility. It has forced you to draw on all the knowledge you have acquired, in each and every subject studied throughout your schooling.” 

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