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Vatel, a great choice for my daughter - Vatel

Vatel, a great choice for my daughter

Sandra Pasteur, the mother of Océane, a young student in 1st year of Bachelor Degree tells us about the gratification of her daughter after her entry at Vatel last November.


What influence do you think you have had on your daughter’s academic counselling?

After spending 15 years in the Navy, my husband and I are now respectively supervisor and farmer. 
I strongly believe that the values conveyed by the army, similar to hospitality (rigor, discipline, teamwork and wearing a uniform) have attracted Océane. She loves contact, thus hospitality seems like a good career orientation for her.

Yet, it has not always been obvious…

Océane was in final high school year in literature, which theoretically would close some gates as for the pursuit of a higher education. She thought of getting into a business school in Pau, without well-established prospects until the day when, by chance, we saw a report about Vatel Nimes and this was the trigger for Océane.

Therefore she sent an application form, and then passed for a year now, the entry exam. During her visit to Bordeaux to take the examination, Océane fell in love with the city; and this only reinforced her choice to come there to study! We quickly received the results of the test and contacted Vatel to confirm Océane’s choice. Succeeding this entrance exam has been a positive challenge because mathematics or logic were not her strong points. From the time she succeeded the examination she has no longer changed her mind!

It was the right decision!

As the weeks passed, Océane has convinced me that we made a good career guidance. Honestly, she is only at Vatel since November, but I find her extremely radiant.

Her first practicals took place at Mercure Mériadeck in housekeeping and went very well. She then joined the restaurant l’Epicure team in service. (Océane even received an offer as an extra during Christmas holidays). Her experiences keeps following up but they are never alike.
My daughter entered a prestigious school and it seems that today she has made her mark and has well fitted in. The teachers enthusiasm and their passion influenced our daughter in a very positive way. Alternating practical and theoretical courses suits Océane perfectly. Besides, she has volunteered to participate in the upcoming open house day at the end of the month, and will then share with future Bachelor students her daily life and make them want to join Vatel.

Her next goal?

A first successful internship! For this summer, Océane still hesitates but she could stay at the reception of Vatel’s hotel…

Océane is a student full of enthusiasm who aspires to success!

It seems a little bit complicated to detail her future professional career in the long term, but she plans to do her MBA in Bordeaux in the aim to lead one day a hotel. Before reaching this ambitious goal, the road will be long. In the shorter term, for her second year international internship, Océane aims the Mandarin Oriental in London: a wonderful challenge!

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