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Goal France - Vatel

Goal France

A recent survey showed that nine international students out of ten recommend studying in France. Student in French Vatel campuses share how much they love the French Hexagon and confirm these figures.


Campus France has published its results of a survey on the image and attractiveness of France, carried out by Kantar Public Institute with over 14,000 students.

The conclusion? Ninety percent of them recommend France for higher education. Three quarters of them even put France in first place, in front of Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany, also very attractive.

An international challenge

Studying in another country is a challenge, as Qianqian, a Vatel Bordeaux student, explains: “I grew up in Shanghai. In China, most people have a romantic vision of France, but our cultures are very different. I left when I was 20, and I was really stressed out. Everything was different: the language, customs, food, culture, etc.”The personal experience dimension, we learn, is now the most important criterion for those who want to study in another country: those questioned always mention the fact that they’re having an enriching experience, they’re giving their resume an international outreach, and that their degree will be recognized throughout the entire world. Chunchun, a Chinese student at Vatel Nimes, agrees: “When I graduate, I think I’ll look for a job in China, because as I’ve studied abroad, my degree will be very valuable.”

Training made in France

For those questioned, France is a synonym of high-quality training: they speak of the reputation schools and professors have, the quality of the education, but also the recognition of their degrees.Without forgetting learning to speak French! Irina, a Vatel Moscow student, did her Marco Polo year in Vatel Paris: “In just a few months of total immersion, I feel at ease with one of the most complex languages in the world.” Maria, a Romanian student, decided to study full-time at Vatel Lyon: “It was evident for me: I wanted to do my courses in French, have French friends [...] I quickly realized that being able to speak the language was only the very beginning of the adventure: everything else (values, ideals, ways of thinking, etc.) could only be assimilated by experiencing them on a daily basis.”

Embracing a new culture

Studying in France means learning a culture, a new history... This survey also reveals that besides a good and stable economy, France is seen as being an intellectual and scientific country, with a prestigious history and an enormous artistic and cultural outreach, another of its key assets. Irina totally agrees: “France is a delicious country in every sense of the word. It’s a country that I love for its culture and sophistication, but also for its gastronomy.”International students really love France. The study confirms this: more than 80% of them would like to extend their stay with a first job in France, after they graduate.

A dedicated curriculum for international students

Qianqian remembers that she chose Vatel Bordeaux for two reasons: “I wanted to live in a big city and take advantage of a program for international students.” At Vatel Bordeaux (700 students) as well as at Vatel Nimes (900 students including 50% of international students), you can study in either French or in English: though the choice of France seems evident for many international students, will their immersion in the French language be complete?...

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