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Hãy cố lên và cùng gia nhập gia đình Vatel! - Vatel

Hãy cố lên và cùng gia nhập gia đình Vatel!

(In Vietnamese: don’t hesitate to join the Vatel family!) They were respectively born in Vietnam, Malaysia and Finland. Let’s meet Mai, Kenny and Robin, Vatel Bordeaux students and globe-trotters.


Because when you work in hospitality, you work with colleagues and clients of many different cultures, each year, Vatel Bordeaux has more and more international students.

This year Vatel Bordeaux has students of 45 different nationalities. A unique opportunity, beyond academic courses, to develop human skill sets such as being open towards others, being able to listen and adapt oneself to others.

Discovering others

'Vatel is an immensely enriching place to study with students of various backgrounds all with the same goals in mind, to be a leader in the field of hospitality. I have classmates who are from Vietnam, French Polynesia, Senegal, and the United States. After having so many international school friends, I can really say ‘Oh, you’re from Senegal? I have a friend from there too!' explains Kenny, who had worked for four years in the Kuala Lumpur JW Marriott before coming to France to complete his education.

An immersion in professional reality

Human and cross-cultural relationships, an international outlook with the Marco Polo exchange program ; all of this attracts students of course, but what they’re really looking for at Vatel is the practical application of “the French art of hospitality.” 

“The Hospitality industry is booming with millions of customers per year. France has always been known for fine services regarding tourism, gastronomy, etc., so I wanted to take this opportunity to discover the industry from a French point of view,” says Mai, a student from Hanoi, who has just arrived.

“So far, my experience in Vatel Bordeaux has lived up to my expectations,” continues Robin. “One of my main reasons in choosing Vatel was because of the combination of practical and academics weeks with people that all have a lot of experience in their own field so they know what they are talking about.”

“When most institutions only focus on courses through academic learning, Vatel proposes an innovative and immersive approach to learning. This makes it so much easier when we ‘step into the real world’ during employment,” concludes Kenny.

Getting used to the French way of life

Mai, Kenny and Robin don’t just study all the time. They live their lives French-style now, which had a few surprises for them and they had to make a few changes in their habits.

“The first thing that shocked me down here, dinner time is much later in the evening than I was used to,” explains Robin.

“The cultures here are quite distinct. It took me a while to be able to comfortably talk without having the fear of people thinking I’m strange or weird,” adds Mai.

“What surprised me quite a bit was how environmentally friendly this place is and I absolutely love it! No plastic bags in grocery stores, cyclists and roller- bladers everywhere in Bordeaux really give this place a healthy atmosphere,” says Kenny, with a smile.

Embracing the Bordeaux way of life

Of course, one of the pleasures of mobility is to be able to travel, and each of our students has visited the region. Kenny speaks about the Dune du Pilat as one of the most beautiful landscapes he has ever seen. Both Robin and Mai are impressed by Bordeaux’s architecture and they love going to the little restaurants or cafes downtown.

Being a part of the huge Vatel family

Today, Mai, Kenny and Robin are a part of the huge Vatel family and they’d like to invite you to join them in their native languages:

Kenny (Malaysian) : Jangan takut mengalami budaya baru! Sertai kami! Don’t be afraid to experience a new culture, join us!

Mai (Vietnamese) : Hãy cố lên và cùng gia nhập gia đình Vatel! Don’t hesitate to join the Vatel family!

Robin (Finnish) : Halutessa saada paras koulutus ja sitä kautta mahdollisuus työskennella missä tahansa maailmassa, suosittelen Vatel Koulua. 'For those of you who want to make the best out of your education and get the opportunity to work worldwide, I highly suggest Vatel.'

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