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Meeting with one of our International Students : Jiexin Huang - Vatel

Meeting with one of our International Students : Jiexin Huang

Currently studying in Foundation Year, this young student gives us her first impressions about her life in Bordeaux.


You are one of our International Students this year and we are so happy to welcome you in our school. Could you just introduce yourself quickly?

My name is Jiexin Huang. I am from China. I am actually in Foundation Year before joining the MBA in Hospitality Management next year. It is my first time in Bordeaux and also in France.

How were your first few weeks in Bordeaux ?

I would like to say it was great, I really enjoyed it! First of all, I love Bordeaux’s city heritage with its rich history and magnificent architectures.

Secondly, we had two weeks of practicals before our classes began. I learned basic greetings in French such as: “bonjour”, “bonsoir”, “à bientôt”, “au revoir”, as well as French hotel service style. It helped me to understand our hospitality classes more easily (when the teachers spoked about French hotels).

I feel lucky because my classmates are nice and friendly. Our French classmates help us when we are having trouble understanding some French words in our daily lives in class. They also help us get accustomed to the local culture and give us many useful information about life in Bordeaux.

What do you think about bordeaux city ? And as a student city ? 

I love Bordeaux! Like I said before, I love the city and its convenient life style.

As a student here, I think it is not an expensive city. Banks and telecommunications boutiques have special offers for students, which are really good!

We can find different kinds of shops and supermarkets, which make our life more convenient and easy. It is a lively city with many interesting events.

I have published many great photos of Bordeaux on my facebook page. I am a photography lover and Bordeaux gives me a lot of inspiration for my photos! I love Bordeaux!

You made your fisrt practices, how was it?

It was helpful. Like I said before, it helped me to learn local hotel services and basic French conversations too!

What advices could you give to others students who would like to come to study in Bordeaux like you do ?

I recommend foreign students to take some French lessons before coming here. At least learn the pronunciation and some basic French words.

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