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Our Alumni: The active players behind the power of Vatel Bordeaux’ network - Vatel

Our Alumni: The active players behind the power of Vatel Bordeaux’ network

Currently, in her 2nd undergraduate year, Océane Pilot has already and repeatedly experienced the power of the alumni network of Vatel Bordeaux. Testimonial.


Our very intensive training allows us to acquire practical as well as theoretical knowledge, and that’s not all! The network of our university brings us a lot more than that! So then how can a Vatel alumni drive forward our professional life?

The Vatel Network, an access to palaces

I did my 1st year 4-month internship at Shangri-La. This famous Parisian Palace is located in Trocadéro. I joined the team of the hotel’s restaurant: La Bauhinia. I embarked on the quest for excellence alongside renowned professionals like Charles Pigeaux. He is the restaurant’s supervisor and a holder of an Executive MBA in International Hotel Management at Vatel Bordeaux. During the daily briefings, Mr. Pigeaux would inform us about the restaurant’s most loyal customers and their habits (favorite table, favorite dish, allergies, etc.) in order for us to provide them with a customized service: A fundamental principle of a Palace. I was also very lucky because during my recruitment I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that my interview was conducted by a Vatel graduate: Audrey Pouzaud Head of Recruitment and Training at Shangri-La, which put me instantly at ease.

The Vatel Network, a real sense of solidarity between alumni 

I was fortunate enough to work with two business owners who happen to be old graduates: Matthias Cadet (Class of 2006) et Dorian Lefèbvre (Class of 2016).

At the end of my finals in July of last year, I decided to get a job in August at ‘Max à Table’. The first connected bistro in France. Matthias Cadet is the founder. As soon as I sent him my application, he got in touch immediate and I got hired as a waitress. I also had different work experiences at Bistrot Metsens Gare Saint Jean which is co-founded by Mr Lefebvre. I was amazed by their rigor and professionalism. Thanks to them, I acquired useful technical know-how: An almost empty carafe of water on the table must be removed and changed, just like a bread basket. I also honed my professional attitude: doing a quick tour of the dining space to check if the customers are satisfied, tend to their needs, smile... All this makes a difference.

 All these encounters made me experience the closeness and support between the students and the alumni of the Vatel network. Eventually, it will be my turn to help and give advice to future generations whenever our paths cross.

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Article written by Océane Pilot (Bachelor student – Vatel Bordeaux)

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