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'Street Art exhibition by Vatel Bordeaux' - May 29 to June 12 - Vatel

'Street Art exhibition by Vatel Bordeaux' - May 29 to June 12

As part of the Street Art competition by Vatel Bordeaux, 35 works out of 132 submissions are selected and will be exhibited from May 29 to June 12 at Cap Sciences.

The topic is multiculturalism and the entrance is free. Votes for the visitors’ prize and the Internet Users Prize will take place on the premises and will last until June 9th.

For several years, street art has been quite noticeable in the Bordeaux metropolis. The Bernard Magrez Institute and the Shake Well Festival are the best testaments to that. Since Vatel Bordeaux is on the lookout for new trends since its creation in 1994, it focused on the theme of multiculturalism for its upcoming street art event. Aurélien Desailloud, Art Director of the Bernard Magrez Institute, chairs the jury.

Global representation of urban art 

The wide geographical spectrum of the submissions is a very good indicator of the global influence of graffiti. We received works from different countries: Burkina Faso, Canada, Colombia, Spain, France, Italy Mexico, Peru,Portugal, Switzerland, Venezuela. The 132 artists competing have 27 different nationalities.Since the introduction of its international courses in 2013, Vatel Bordeaux has welcomed many international students. In 2019, 55 nationalities out of overall 706 students make up our international community. Our point is: At Vatel Bordeaux, cultural diversity is essential.

Visitors’ prize and internet users’ prize: It’s your call

As of May 29th, you can visit Cap Sciences to vote for one of the 35 works on display. The artist with the most votes from you will win the visitors’ prize and will be awarded 800 €. Additionally, his work will be featured at Vatel Tables for one month.

You are not in Bordeaux?
Visit our website on May 29 to participate in the prize of Internet users. The winner will also be awarded 800 €. You have until June 9 to select your favorite work of art, directly on the net.

Spread the word! All artists are counting on you!
Practical information:
- Access: Cap Sciences - Café des Sciences - Warehouse 20 - Quai de Bacalan
- Schedules: From 2pm to 6pm -Tuesday to Friday; from 2pm to 7pm on weekends; exceptionally open on Monday, June 10, from 2 pm to 6 pm

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