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Vatel Bordeaux Impresses Two Students from the School of Hotel Management Pegnitz - Vatel

Vatel Bordeaux Impresses Two Students from the School of Hotel Management Pegnitz

The words, 'novelty, modernity and elegance,' come up again and again when Natalie Verner and Andreas Lang (students at the School of Hotel Management Pegnitz in Germany) talk about Vatel Bordeaux.

As part of a study trip through Europe, the 18 students in the bachelor’s degree program at the School of Hotel Management Pegnitz in Germany (a member of the association Eurhodip, as are all the schools in the Vatel network) were invited to tour the premises of the institution in Bordeaux. Accompanied by their French professor, Ms Schember, two students, Natalie Verner and Andreas Lang, share their impressions with us. 

Vatel Bordeaux: An Impressive, Innovative Concept 

Natalie and Andreas cannot contain their enthusiasm when asked about Vatel Bordeaux. 'We’ve never seen anything like it!'they exclaim with admiration. The Bordeaux concept has really impressed them. 'For the first time in our lives, we visited a school that is a combination of a hotel and a restaurant of such high standing, in the same place,' they say about the campus at 'Les Chartrons'. 

Vatel Bordeaux: Spotlight on Wine Management 

Vatel Bordeaux offers a specialization in the 2nd year of its MBA program, called International Wines & Spirits Management Not wanting to let our Bavarian guests leave the 'Sleeping Beauty'city without having sampled its fine nectars, Vatel Bordeaux asked one of its professional instructors, Ms Mispelblom, to organize a two-hour Bordeaux wine-tasting workshop. With a degree in Oenology from the University of Bordeaux and a WSET Level 4 Diploma, Ms Mispelblom took advantage of the introductory session, held in a professional tasting room, to teach the basics of wine-making and about the unique features of Bordeaux wines to the rapt German students. Over and above the quality of her presentation, Natalie and Andreas stress that 'excellent teaching depends on the instructor, but also on the teaching materials... and here, we had all of that combined': 
A countertop with a sink/spittoon for each student; 
* LED lights to help observe the color of the wines; 
* Tasting accessories: glasses, waiter’s corkscrews, a glassware washer, and more.

Vatel Bordeaux: First Hotel Management School with EU Ecolabel-Certified Practical Application Structures since 2016 

Vatel Bordeaux has just had its EU Ecolabel renewed, the only official ecological label in Europe. Seated on the patio of the restaurant 'Les Tables Vatel', Andreas notes the quality of the wood used in the table between us. We owe that quality to the Ecolabel. Our students are all informed and trained on the subject during their first few weeks at Vatel Bordeaux. 

Vatel Hotel****: Chic! 

'Chic' is the first word to come to Andreas’s mind after visiting a room at the 4-star Vatel Hotel. That little word symbolizes all the elegance and refinement of the French touch. In practice, the teams at Vatel Bordeaux Hotel promote environmentally-friendly products (like the Caudalie brand products available at Reception, for which €1 of each sale is donated to environmental causes) in a display case to eliminate plastic packaging, an idea that also won over the Ecolabel inspectors. 
The students also had the chance to visit the symbol of Bordeaux wine tourism and a partner of Vatel Bordeaux, the Cité du Vin (a foundation dedicated to wine). Between a visit to the Marché des Capucins (the largest covered market in town) and a 'Bordeaux by Night' tour led by tour guide Michaël Haddak, the Bavarian students got a glimpse of the joys of living and studying by the water (on the banks of the Garonne). 

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