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10 good reasons to do an observation internship in a hotel - Vatel

10 good reasons to do an observation internship in a hotel

Dozens of different kinds of work to discover in just a few days, a unique family spirit, a field that’s hiring... And what about suggesting to middle or high school students to do their observation internships in a hotel?



You’re already thinking about the observation internship that you’ll be doing this year? Here are 10 good reasons to think about doing it in the hospitality industry:

1- You’ll be able to observe not just one, but dozens of different kinds of work in just a few days.

2- Whether you prefer science or literature, working with people or in the office, one of these jobs will match your preferences and your personality.

3 - You’ll discover the large family of hospitality, a network of professionals, all united and committed.

4 - In France or abroad, you can have a great career any place in the world.

5 - There must be a hotel near to where you live.

6 - You’ll have beautiful pictures to put in your internship report.

7 - Your days will all be varied and different: there are no routines in the hospitality industry.

8 - You’ll discover a sector with plenty of jobs, one that is always recruiting.

9 - You’ve got 35,000 chances to meet a Vatel alumnus

10 - It’s an opportunity to develop your team spirit.

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