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A four-star first year internship - Vatel

A four-star first year internship

Alexandre Desmoulins did his first-year internship in the legendary Avoriaz ski resort. A winter season in the mountains, with a sense of community, autonomy and the pleasure of guest relationships.


Why did you choose Vatel?

  I learned about the Vatel Group through some friends, and right from the very beginning I was interested in their educational methods, where theoretical courses and practical courses follow each other, so students can quickly gain hands-on experience, not just concepts. I like the hospitality and catering industries, and Vatel is one of the best schools there is. I really like human resources and marketing, two subjects I’ve been introduced to, which allow me to understand what goes on behind the scenes in the hospitality industry. When I graduate, I’d like to open a family-owned bar and restaurant.

Can you tell us more about your internship at the Hotel des Dromonts (Avoriaz) ?

  It really helps when you leave with another classmate: I wasn’t the only new person in the company and the only one experiencing this professional environment for the very first time.I did my internship at the front desk and in the restaurant. At the front desk, I took reservations for the restaurant and spa, did check-ins and check-outs, linked this with the rooms division, sometimes with other team members, but also sometimes autonomously. In the restaurant services, I started off as a kitchen steward, then I gradually had more and more responsibilities, and even was the captain several times.

What memories do you have of this first experience?

  JI really liked guest relationships, something I see as being really important.And they never made me feel that I was just an intern: the young team always treated me like I was one of them and all of them did everything to convey their knowledge and know-how to me.I went to this internship with no qualms and ready to go the extra mile, and came back pleased and delighted with the trust and liberty that I had here.

So, what’s next?

  Wherever I do my next year’s internship, my primary goal is to become fluent in English, something you need when you work in hospitality.I met a lot of people in Avoriaz: I’ll be keeping their contact details for when I’m looking for a job, after I have more experience and knowledge.

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