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An XXL internship - Vatel

An XXL internship

Nine different jobs in the six months of internship they had in one of Hong-Kong’s largest hotels: that’s the experience four Vatel Lyon students had. Pierre Obeid, one of them, tells us more.


  From a professional point of view, this internship at the Hong-Kong Regal Airport Hotel helped me improve my English and experience many different types of work where I progressively had more and more responsibilities.

The local employees asked us a lot of questions on our French know-how and wanted to learn more about what we thought and things we ate.

And the same of course was true for us, so that sparked many multicultural exchanges, so our 11 to 13-hour days were much more fun.

Hong-Kong is a very cosmopolitan and international city: a population of 7 million, including many British, Japanese, American, Canadian and French citizens! I was able to expand my network as I met many hospitality industry professionals from all over the world.

From a personal point of view, this internship broadened my horizons and gave me a different vision of working, as employees in Hong-Kong are really attached to their jobs. Professional and personal lives quickly overlap.

This six-month experience with the Asian culture boosted my confidence in my future as I now feel that I’ll be able to host and manage this client base wherever we meet.”


Pierre did his internship with Charles Rage, Vincent Berry and Elodie Wiart. Their six-month internships included the following functions:

    • Lobby Ambassador
    • Conciergerie
    • Airport Representative
    • Executive Club Floor 
    • Operations
    • Reservations
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Front desk 
    • Assistant Manager

    They came back to France and Vatel Lyon in November and the four students began their third and last year of the Bachelor, with one week of theoretical courses followed by a professional experience in the Vatel Restaurant, then another week of classes... and this will continue until the next MBA internship! 

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