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How about an internship in the Caribbean?
How about an internship in the Caribbean?  - Vatel

How about an internship in the Caribbean?

Straight from Jamaica, the Sandals Resorts International Internship Coordinator came to Vatel to speak to students and tell them about the opportunities she had. Let’s have a look at these offers and her great advice.


She came straight from Jamaica with her luggage full of turquoise blue water, white sand, but above all, an offer of customized luxury service proposed by the Sandals Resorts. Marion Weinbeer-Holding, the Sandals Resorts International Group Coordinator, came to Vatel to speak to 4th year students and tell them about the opportunities she had.

“Sandals is the very epitome of hotel service for people in love.  Our luxury hotels in the Caribbean islands have large rooms and suites, gourmet meals served in romantic candlelight, an exotic tropical environment with some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the entire world.  From Jamaica’s hot and stormy reggae environment to the trendy Bahamas, without of course forgetting Saint Lucia’s majestic volcanoes and Antigua’s exotic beaches, Sandals Hotels have tailor-made packages for couples who are getting married or want to have the honeymoon of their dreams in the Caribbean. For us, the most important thing is to create a “once in a lifetime” experience for each and everyone of our guests. We strive to create romantic memories that will last their entire lives through luxury services above reproach with our outstanding team members and environmentally committed partners. Our motto is: Giving our guests more than they ever could have imagined!

This is how I presented our hotels to Vatel’s students before telling them about internships in:

  • The Front Desk and Concierge departments,
  • Customer Service,
  • Food and Beverages,
  • Accommodations and Housekeeping,
  • Sales and Marketing.


And then I gave them more details about what type of services we offer for wedding parties, our spa and butler services, our shops, etc. I insisted on the fact, which was well understood, that our internships were progressive ones, where interns had to show us what they knew how to do and then they would progress rather quickly by taking on more and more responsibilities and being more independent. All the Vatel students I spoke with were very well prepared for this presentation. They knew about our hotel chain and our values even before I began speaking. Even though their English levels varied, as a whole, they all had a good working knowledge of English.

For students who, after having attended this presentation, would like to do their next internship at Sandals, I would advise them to discuss this with their families before. Everyone dreams of going to exotic islands, but they’re far away and isolated from the rest of the world. So if you’re sure that this is what you want, you’ll have a great experience and really learn a lot. You’ll discover a unique type of hospitality with very demanding guests, and you’ll always be going the extra mile. So make sure that you’re ready to use everything that you learned at Vatel, and can apply this knowledge to a very different cultural context where you’ll be working with people from all over the world and where you’ll have to adapt yourself to the weather conditions in the tropics, which can be fantastic or even frightening.” Marion WH


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