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One summer to discover the world - Vatel

One summer to discover the world

From Montenegro, Tunisia and India, more than 60 students came to Nimes to do their international internship at the Vatel Hotel.


Their names are Boris, Darja, Drangana, Marko, and Nora. What do they have in common? 

All five of them go to Vatel Montenegro and they came to spend 12 weeks in France and do their international internship at the Vatel Nimes four-star hotel. 

Working with them were 17 students from Vatel New Delhi and 21 others from Vatel Tunis who discovered the front desk, rooms division, seminars and hotel restaurant.

They were not only able to test the key points in the French Art of Hospitality, but also learned now to work in multicultural teams. 

A cosmopolitan experience that the 900 students on the campus are used to, as half of them are international students, with 45 different nationalities! 

Vatel Nimes, also known as the mini planet where students from the entire world get together...

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