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The 'Accord Parfait Vins & Mets' food & wine pairing concept at Les Tables Vatel in Bordeaux - Vatel

The 'Accord Parfait Vins & Mets' food & wine pairing concept at Les Tables Vatel in Bordeaux

Food and beverage manager and sommelier at Les Tables Vatel in Bordeaux, Julien Borreil likes to learn and discover.

The 'Accord Parfait Vins & Mets' food & wine pairing concept and his mission as an instructor are perfectly in line with his aspirations. 

When I go out to eat, I often order a dish that intrigues me and that I am not familiar with" says Julien Borreil

He developed his thirst for new flavors throughout his career. Graduate with a vocational degree in "Culinary Engineering, Tableware and Service", Julien traveled to London, Quebec and New Caledonia. 

Opened in 2016, Les Tables Vatel invites guests to discover wines from France and around the world, in addition to its "Accord Parfait" wine-pairing dinner menu. This international selection of wines "reflects the 56 nationalities represented at Vatel Bordeaux" he adds. 

About the 'Accord Parfait Vins & Mets' food & wine pairing customers choose their wine before their food! 

Usually at a restaurant, the waiter gives you the menu before the wine list. Except at Les Tables Vatel! From Wednesday to Saturday evening, you will be given the wine list and choose your wine without knowing which dish it is paired with. The wine list is created in accordance with Chef Adrien Ferran: 'He briefly summarizes the dish and I give him a range of three wines. We test the wine chosen and the dish and fine-tune the pairing in order to offer guests the “accord parfait” [perfect match]”. 

I like the idea of breaking consumption patterns." says Julien Borrreil. The sommelier continues: "Would the customer have chosen this wine if he had ordered his dish first?" he asks. The perfect pairing allows you to serve customers dishes that they would not have eaten anywhere else. 

Colorful stickers are associated with each category of wine to help customers to choose. "The menu is written using words related to the nose and mouth," says the manager of Les Tables Vatel. 

The goal is to attract all kinds of wine lovers, from beginners to buffs. Whether the beverage is French, Greek or Mexican. The perfect pairing is becoming more and more popular. 

Les Tables Vatel is full of other secrets that Julien is willing to reveal. 

The other secret of Les Tables Vatel include : Lunch, Sunday Brunch

The lunch menu offers "two new starters, two new dishes and two desserts every day." Recently, the menu of the day also offers suggestions from the chef.Another opportunity to enjoy this "bistronomic" cuisine based on fresh and local products.Sunday Brunch is the not-to-be-missed event of the week, recognized by the website Où Bruncher and Le Bonbon website.

Training future managers of the hotel and catering industries : an enriching opportunity 

Julien Borreil and his team of professionals can rely on students from Vatel Bordeaux, who will eventually become Future managers of the Hotel and Restaurant industries... They train and supervise them while giving them a great deal of managerial independence.
I give them a great deal of managerial independence while sharing with them my personal experience," explains Julien. Students putting their acquired knowledge to practice at Les Tables Vatel play an important role in ensuring the smooth running of the "Accord Parfait" concept. They find themselves in direct contact with customers and are required to answer their questions. "For the wines on the menu, I ask the sommeliers in training to find information about the geographical situation, history and grape variety of each wine. We taste the different wines. I want them to use their own words regarding the composition of what they are tasting." 

The director of "Tables de Vatel" remains on the alert when needed or questioned by his students who are always keen to provide impeccable service.

One thing is certain, Les Tables Vatel will never cease to surprise you!

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