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An internship at the peaks
An internship at the peaks - Vatel

An internship at the peaks

Pia Derivry, a first-year student, is getting ready to leave for the Alps for her first internship. Her program: trying out several jobs and experiencing life of a 5-star hotel in Courchevel, during peak season.


You joined Vatel Lyon...
... In the footsteps of my big brother, another Vatel student! When I was a high-school student, I loved what he was doing in his first year: the subjects he was studying and the system with a mixture of theory and practical experience. And for the internships, I couldn’t have wanted more: the school chooses internships for us that allow us to spend four months in a hotel, gaining experience as of our first year.
I’d always wanted to work in this field: this type of dream really pushes you to acquire knowledge and successful experiences to have a high-responsibility job in the future.

What is your life as a Vatel student like?
Vatel has a unique curriculum allowing everyone to experience and develop their passion for the hospitality industry:

  • Varied courses: we have a blend of theoretical courses and practical experiences. It’s intense, every week is different from the one before, and no one is ever bored! 
  • Classes have students from all walks of life, open towards others: our student life is rich and we’re all close to one another. 
  • We’ve got professors and speakers with different experiences in hospitality and restaurant services: interesting and concrete courses. 

Everything I dreamed of when I was in high school!

Your first-year Bachelor internship is taking you to the Alps: what will you be doing?

I’m leaving with a classmate to the Palace des Neiges, a five-start hotel in the Courchevel resort area. We’ll have a room, we’ll eat there and we’ll also have an internship stipend. We’ll have the opportunity of experiencing several lines of work in hospitality in a very professional and demanding environment: carrying out the service in the restaurant and bar, welcoming guests at the front desk, and assisting in housekeeping in the rooms. I can’t wait to use everything I learned in the first semester. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I hope to be living in New York with a great job in order to manage my own hotel, near Central Park, in the future...

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