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 Vatel Students: 'Immediately Operational' according to Hyatt - Vatel

Vatel Students: 'Immediately Operational' according to Hyatt

Finding interns who are operational from the get-go. And even recruiting the cream of the crop of future hotel managers. This is the remit assigned to Alice Coubard (Vatel Class of 2017) at Hyatt.

Alice Coubard, Recruitment Manager – Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, explains her duties to us. Our high-quality students caught her attention. 

What is your role at the Hyatt Group? 

I joined Hyatt after my 4th year at Vatel Bordeaux. At the end of my internship, I was hired as Human Resources Assistant for the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme hotel. And now, I am its Recruitment Manager.

How has your experience at Vatel Bordeaux helped you in your current position? 

There is a great focus on versatility at Vatel Bordeaux. The theoretical classes laid the foundations for the future. And the professional practices I mastered while working in functional departments allowed me to learn how a hotel operates and the attitude expected of our future employees. 


Why did you decide to hold your conference at Vatel Bordeaux? 

The fact that Vatel offers hands-on training is a terrific advantage. The students who come out of Vatel already have solid knowledge of life in the field and are operational on arrival, whether they are taken on as interns or employees. 


Can you name some of the Vatel Bordeaux students that you have brought in?

 At the Park Hyatt on Place Vendôme, we have two students in the 1st year of their bachelor’s degree programs (Class of 2017/2018), Luna Sanchez in Room Service and Hugo Laporte. 


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